Behind the scenes at a photo shoot with NYC Model!

Annie Owens had the opportunity to get up close and personal at a photo shoot at Shopko’s corporate headquarters last week! Her Program Chair, Bart Putzer, had arranged the visit with one of their stylists so Annie could get the inside view of what a professional photo shoot would look and feel like. Not only was Annie able to see the behind-the-scenes activity, she was also present to watch a professional model from New York work during a fashion shoot…What a cool experience for our student, Annie!

During the fashion shoot, the creative director invited Annie to come into the action and stand with the designer, photographer and assistant by the monitor to watch not only the shots, but listen to the dialog that was being exchanged among the creative group. She could hear their rationale for what they were doing and what they were looking to accomplish. Annie watched about 4 wardrobe changes and stayed until they had “closed set” to shoot lingerie.

Annie was able to talk to the photographers, stylists, designers and assistants to really get a feel for what each of their roles were and was able to see how these many moving parts work together to accomplish a common goal.  One of the stylists was working on a jewelry shot for an upcoming circular. She gave Annie the challenge of arranging and shooting the jewelry on screen and making those styling decisions that she would have to face if she were working on that project. This gave Annie a great opportunity to not just work on set, with professionals and with great equipment, but also gave her a taste of the pace of a typical day and what the expectations are for project workflow and production.

She loved the whole experience and didn’t want the time there to end. It opened her eyes up to a side of this industry she hadn’t experienced before and new little about!