Break the Silence of Domestic Violence with TraJa

Domestic Abuse Awareness Event Sheds Light on Issue Affecting our Students and Community

Students in the criminal justice degree program at Globe University-Green Bay planned, facilitated and fund-raised for a presentation on domestic violence, given by TraJa on campus. Dave Peterson, criminal justice program chair, and Sherry Hunter, criminal justice instructor, assisted the students.

I could barely hold back my emotions during the TraJa presentation. I know how closely domestic violence effects our community and our students.

Through my teaching background, I have encountered several students who were directly affected by domestic violence. I once had a student who showed up to class with her body covered in bruises. Her face was badly hurt and she told me that her ex-boyfriend had tried to kill her and her unborn baby by punching her and pushing her down the stairs.

It is the scariest thing to hear stories of the struggles those who are involved with a domestic abuser.

TraJa sharing their story

TraJa Shares Its Story

TraJa is a dynamic nonprofit organization that is committed to its cause of educating and promoting awareness of domestic violence. Heather Severson and Lisa Judd Blanchard came to speak to over 50 students, staff and community members. TraJa has been able to change Wisconsin state laws and has been recognized for numerous awards.

Important Points From the Presentation

  1. Program the National Domestic Violence Hotline number into your cell phone for you or for someone who may need it: 1−800−799−SAFE(7233). Check out the National Domestic Violence website for more information.
  2. We need to change our thinking. So many times people ask, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” when the real question we should be asking is, “Why is he abusing her?”
  3. Have a safety plan. If you or someone you know could potentially experience violence, know where you can go, what to bring and what to do to keep yourself and any children safe.

 Check out TraJa’s website to:

  • Learn more about the organization
  • Determine if you are in a violent relationship
  • Learn ways to protect yourself
  • Learn signs to look for with a battering personality

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The criminal justice students, staff and instructors’ efforts earned a total of over $600 for the TraJa organization through online donations and selling pizzas.