Building Real Bridges During Community Service Day

We had over twenty-five staff and students participate in Globe University-Green Bay’s annual community service day at L. H. Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve. Each May, all Globe University campuses close so that staff and students can participate in giving back to their local communities.

What does Community Service Day mean to you?

“It means giving without expectation or hesitation,” Steve Graap, adult admissions representative, said.

“A time for us to show our community that Globe does care about taking time to help others,” Josie Young, director of admissions, said.

“It’s a time for team building and getting to know my colleagues while helping an organization out in the community,” Jackie Doperalski, director of career services, said.

Over 85 hours of community service were provided to help:

globe university

Students working on building a bridge

• Improve facilities through painting, mulching and cleaning
• Erect a safety fence
• Build bridges
• Count geese and other wildlife

Why is giving back the community important to you?

“Giving back is important to me because not all organizations have the funding to complete many of the tasks needed to operate successfully on a daily basis. So by giving my time, I am able to lighten their load so they can focus on providing the best service possible to the community,” Carey Mraz, academic coordinator, said.

Thanks from the Park Ranger

“Volunteers from Globe University came out to help cut down buckthorn, mulch trails, paint bird feeders, count families of Canada Geese and ducks, water sealed our Maple Syrup cabin, replace a section of fence railing, added non-skid tape to a bridge, cleaned out our rain garden, and made two bridges for visiting students to use for crossing a creek. They did a lot of work, and we really appreciate all that they did!!” Park Ranger Jason Petrella said.

globe university

The awesome bridge our students built!