Campus Leader Goes Above and Beyond to Help Others

If you have ever ventured up to the tutor lab or the library lately, you’re apt to see Rachael Swanson’s bright smiling face. Swanson is a student in our criminal justice program at Globe University-Green Bay and a well-known campus leader. She is a student ambassador, works in the library and is a general tutor who helps with writing and math. Here, she offers insight about her experience at Globe and some helpful suggestions for doing well in class.

criminal justice program

Why did you come back to school?

I have always wanted to make a difference. To get through to one out of one hundred people, I will feel like I’ve accomplished something.

What made you become a tutor?

I thought it would be fun and I get along with everyone.

How would you describe Globe University’s environment?

Welcoming, comfortable, feels like I can go to anyone as everyone is helpful and nice.

How would you compare Globe University with other schools?

At other schools I felt like I was just a number and people didn’t care so much about my education. At Globe University, Sherry Hunter (an adjunct instructor) is helping me to find an internship.

Three Ways to Improve Your Grades

  1. Time Management. Use a schedule and set aside time for homework, reading and relaxing.
  2. Get Organized. Use folders and check off everything as you do it on the syllabus. Print off and keep track of projects, quizzes and assignments.
  3. Sit Down and Do It. Stop procrastinating and get everything done. It is easy to put things on the back burner, but just get it done.

When I asked Rachael why a student should visit the tutor lab, she told me that you can get help if you are behind and we are here to help with anything. “If we can’t help with something, we will point you in the right direction of who can help,” Swanson said.