Can’t Find Workout Clothes That Fit? Get a Plan!

business degreeBusiness Degree Students Develop Business Plan for Local Athletic Apparel Company

Small Business Management students at Globe University-Green Bay collaborated with Snail Sisters Sportswear, LLC, to create a business plan to aid with marketing and future planning efforts.

Snail Sisters began operations in June 2011 as a home-based family business out of De Pere, Wis. The sisters, Joan and Sue, have found a niche market in the athletic apparel industry.  They create custom-fit workout attire for the woman of any shape or size with moisture-wicking fabric purchased right here in the United States. 

The Plan

The business plan was developed with an emphasis on increased marketing efforts within the greater Green Bay area as well as a future growth and development plan to include the addition of a Snail Sisters retail store in place of the current in-home setup. 

The hope is that the business plan will help the Snail Sisters take their business to the next level by providing them a plan for moving forward, including utilizing the business plan to secure funding for future developments.

The students recommended advertising in the local YOU magazine to reach their target demographic. After seeing the students’ presentations and business plan, the Snail Sisters said that they were blown away and it was more than they ever could have imagined.

business degree
Why the Company Formed

According to the Snail Sisters website, “Nearly all of the moisture wicking clothing we were purchasing was not manufactured in the United States. It occurred to us that we should make clothes for women by women right here in the USA.”