Care Packages Brighten Day of Military War Dogs and Their Handlers

Showing We Care About Military Dogs and Active Personnel

military dogs care packages Samantha Phillips

Samantha Phillips , vet tech student

While perusing Pinterest one day, veterinary technology student, Samantha Phillips discovered the idea to create care packages for military dogs and their handlers. She loved the idea so much she contacted the vet tech program chair at Globe University-Green Bay.

“The military seems to have a hard time getting responses from civilians and stuff,”Phillips said. “I just want them to realize that we are thinking about them, not just the handlers, but also the dogs because the dogs aren’t recognized as much. To help them and ease their trip.”

Phillips has a personal connection to those serving in the military. Her grandfather served in the Marines for three tours. Project facilitator, Maggie Lee, CVT and staff member at Globe Green Bay is a veteran as well.

“This is important because I care about the animals and I’m a veteran. When serving, it means so much to get something like this and to know that you are really alive,” Lee shared.IMG_0217

Students and staff helped collect more than 200 items and $170 in donations to help support military dogs and active service members. Phillips’ mother had her company help cover the shipping costs as well. They collected and purchased items like toys and treats for the dogs and other hygiene items for the military personnel.

Phillips said her favorite items that were included in the care packages were movies like “Finding Nemo” and special dog treats and toys.

A special thanks goes out to everyone at Globe University-Green Bay who helped make this a success and to Becky Machajweski for her help and hard work on this service project.

She originally felt strong about getting involved with this project because of a movie she saw all about a war dog who also very closely resembles her dog. After learning about what the dogs go through she was excited to help. Becky found a lot of success for the drive by using Facebook and talking to family and friends.

“I wanted to help because the vet tech program is so big at our school and Globe is a military friendly school. I had to step up and put forth effort to make a difference and have an impact,” Becky Machajweski, vet tech student shared.

How Can You Help?


Writing personal notes

Because of the great support for this project, Lee is continuing efforts to make more care packages. You can help by donating time, items or money. Even if you can’t afford to donate items or money, you can help by packaging the items or writing a personal note to a service member.

One requirement is that they can only have USA-made products and for dog items they must be single serving and sealed.

Email Maggie Lee at with any questions.