CMA Review Students are Walkin and Talkin!

Our CMA Review students are participating in “Walk Across
Wisconsin”. Every Monday and Wednesday during class, we take time to walk 18 laps
around the hallway upstairs.   After measuring this distance, we learned that 18 laps equals one mile.

Part of being a Medical Assistant is promoting wellness and what better way to do this than by example. These students look forward to and request our daily walks. CMA Review is the final review class taken before our MA students go on externships. Not only are we getting exercise but we use our walking time to review important information and skills before going on externships. We review vitals, medications and patient scenarios and
talk about professionalism and externship expectations. While on our walks, we also take time to review for upcoming tests and quizzes, and most importantly, we take time to get to know each other a little better.

So far we have walked a total of 44 miles.