Congressman Reid Ribble Listens to Globe Students & Staff

Congressman Ribble Visits Globe University-Green Bay for Tour and Open Forum

Jeryl Fleck, Campus Director, Congressman Reid Ribble, Nicole Virant, Communications and Community Relations Specialist

Globe University was honored to have Congressman Reid Ribble visit the campus for a tour and an open question and answer session. Congressman Ribble shared about his experiences on the dairy farm and as a business owner of a roofing business. During the open forum, the Congressman asked for students to tell their stories of why they selected a for-profit institution and what their educational experiences were like.

Kevin Bowman, a business student, talked about how he really values his education and how the employees are highly qualified both inside the classroom and out. Tina Panske, a paralegal student, talked about how intimate the class sizes were and how personal the education is specifically tailored to her compared to some of the nonprofit institutions.

Open Forum

Congressman Ribble represents the 8th district and told students and staff that he was willing to support for-profit schools in Washington. Jackie Doperalski , Director of Career Services stated, “for-profit shouldn’t be a bad thing. If we are providing a quality product, then naturally everyone benefits including students, employers and the community.”

Representative Ribble told attendees that Washington doesn’t change people, it is that peoples’ true motives show when they get to Washington because you can see how they vote.

Various great questions were asked during the forum. Tina Panske asked “what does justice mean to you?” Congressman Ribble replied that “if something is fair and truthful then it is just.” Over 30 students and staff attended the event. Globe University – Green Bay Students and staff really enjoyed the candid conversation with Congressman Ribble and many walked away grateful for the opportunity to sit down and get to know the Congressman.