Connecting with the Community in Green Bay

Volunteer Opportunities within Brown County

Globe University Green Bay is dedicated to both service-learning and community engagement. Sometimes these can come across as buzz words, but they are two components that the campus’ students and staff truly value as we have integrated service learning components in our courses and worked with various organizations for volunteering.

Globe University Green Bay has worked with several community organizations in the past including Literacy Green Bay, Leadership Green Bay, YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Red Cross, Plz Give The Keys and many others. One of our featured partners is seeking volunteers; Riah’s Rainbow is looking for help with administrative duties.

What is Riah’s Rainbow all about? Below is their mission from Riah’s Rainbow’s website:

The ultimate goal of Riah’s Rainbow is to bring smiles to the faces of children who have to endure a day, a week or even months in the hospital. Our mission is to be able to give pediatric patients at local hospitals new coloring books, crayons, markers, colored  pencils, craft items, etc.  Each time they visit they will receive a new  coloring book & box of crayons to take home with them.  We will also  offer alternatives such as puzzles, project bags, or paints.  Often times, cancer patients are offered “community” craft items.  With comprised immune systems, the threat is always there that the child may develop an illness.  Riah’s Rainbow eliminates that fear for parents.

To learn more about how you can help Riah’s Rainbow visit their Facebook page or their website at

Volunteering in the community gives back so much to others and to yourself. It is always best to find an organization that you are passionate about helping. Click here to view the current Volunteer Guide and find a meaningful way to get involved in your community.

If you are a nonprofit in the Green Bay area looking to connect with Globe please contact Ashely Scott at or Nicole Virant at for more information on how Globe University Green Bay can work with you.