Constitution Day Brings a High of 66 degrees and a Chance of Water Balloons

Celebrating Constitution Day at Globe University Green Bay

by Laura Nelson, Paralegal Program Chair, Globe University Green Bay

 In celebration of Constitution Day on September 17, the Paralegal Club at Globe University Green Bay provided students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to test their Constitutional knowledge and relieve pre-finals, end-of-the-quarter stress and tension.

What we did.  Participants volunteered to answer a question about the Constitution or the founding of our country.  Questions could be as basic as “Laws for the United States are made by [Answer: Congress],” or as difficult as “The average age of the Framers of the Constitution was approximately [Answer: 40].”  Participants who answered their question correctly won a water balloon to throw at a faculty or staff member.

The Pocket Constitution.  The first 30 participants received a Pocket Constitution courtesy of the Paralegal Club. 

Faculty and staff who volunteered their time and good humor helped make this event a success.  Here’s a list of the staff and faculty members who participated:


  • Carey Mraz – Academic Coordinator
  • Zachary Neal – Adult Admissions Representative
  • Nicole Virant – CCRS/Business Program Chair
  • Dave Peterson – Criminal Justice Program Chair
  • Laura Nelson – Paralegal Program Chair

Thank You!  Tina Panske, President of the Paralegal Club, came up with this great idea, although admittedly, I tweaked it from Tina’s original idea of “creaming” the instructors with cream pies.  Never-the-less, I thank Tina for her clever and original ideas.

I also have to thank the Constitution Facts website (  I frequently test my own Constitutional knowledge using their Constitution I.Q. Quiz, and it is from this website that I pulled the questions for the participants to answer.

Finally, the Paralegal Club purchased the Pocket Constitutions from, and I thank this website for making these books available at such an affordable cost to us.

Sidenote: Congrats to Erika Vande Hey for winning the $250 book voucher for the Costitution quiz.