Entrepreneurship speaker energizes the classroom with his words of wisdom

Steve Rodriguez, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, visited our BS105: Introduction to Business class for what I thought would be a quick “speech” on how to become an entrepreneur.  Steve’s message was beyond the basics and he left our students energized and encouraged to become their very “best self”, focused on their dreams!

Steve, originally from Los Angeles, CA, now resides in Green Bay with his wife and
son.  He is the owner of 7 Internet Franchises through
Market America/SHOP.COM, consults clients in the area of Social
Shopping,  trains nationally in the areas of Internet Marketing & Social Media and works with Non-Profit Organizations on Strategic Fundraising through the Internet.
Steve discussed the importance of prioritizing goals and taking steps towards those goals each day.  His presentation was invaluable, filled with such advice as: “Never turn down the opportunity to surround yourself with people that will help you on your journey.  You become who you associate with.  If you associate with successful people, you too will be successful.  Surround yourself with the same people and do not expect change to just happen.” He had our students do a very interesting “quadrant” exercise, where they wrote their goals and priorities down on paper.  The room was silent during his presentation, but lit up with questions and comments for discussion after he concluded.  Not only did our students walk away with a wealth of information, they were given copies of several materials to utilize should they wish to further their journey in self-improvement and generating a successful future.  Steve was very open to sharing his business card and spoke to the importance of networking, saying “I’d be happy to network with you…I’m on ‘LinkedIn’…connect with me…if you want to grab coffee, contact me and I’ll meet you for coffee”.
Thank you, Steve, for your time and wisdom with which you shared in our Introduction to Business class.  You inspired all of us to take a second look at where we are and where we’re going!