Former GB Packer Ahman Green visits campus as newest Blizzard owner!

On Wednesday, March 21st, the GB Blizzard announced their newest owner:
Ahman Green.  In this press conference, Ahman stated he’s excited for this opportunity and looks forward to being a part of this 2011 IFL Franchise of the Year.
Following the press conference, I asked Ahman to tour our campus as I
explained the partnership we have between the blizzard and our Massage Therapy
Students.  At 6 pm that evening, we welcomed Ahman and his wife, Marie, on campus to take a tour and meet some of the Blizzard players that were coming in for their weekly massage.

Green, a former Packer’s Running Back, was drafted out of Nebraska by Seattle in 1998
prior to coming to Green Bay. He is the all-time leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers and brings a lot of knowledge and professionalism to the Blizzard.  I had the chance to interview some of the players to get their thoughts on this new addition to their team.  Tyron Hurst, DT #92 stated: “It’s going to be great joining two organizations (Packers and Blizzard) together.  It’s all about networking and connections and he’s going to make the Blizzard brand more recognizable.”  I asked Nick Thornton-Jack, OL #77 (originally from Seattle) if he was excited about Green joining the Blizzard and his response was: “Absolutely!  HE’s so involved as a role-model in the community.  After meeting him today on campus, it’s great to hear he’s going to be actively involved in what we do on and off the field!”  Nick also said that Green’s “knowledge will be very valuable because he came from the same places we all came from and understands us”.

We are very honored to continue our partnership between the Blizzard and our students in
our new spring quarter.  A special thanks to our Program Chair, Suzette Plemel, for keeping this partnership alive!

Please follow the Blizzard this season at  As they continue to knock out wins, currently sitting at 4-1, we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.