Globe Green Bay Paralegal Program Chair Published Again

Paralegal Program Chair, Laura Nelson and Paralegal Student Sara Monette

Laura Nelson, Paralegal program chair at Globe University Green Bay has been published again in the Summer 2012 issue of the Behind the Bar. Behind the Bar is published by the Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals. Her article is titled, Law Day 2012 Inspires Consideration and Understanding: “No Shoes. No Shirt. No Service.”

In the article, Nelson (2012) discusses the theme for Law Day 2012 interpreting it as “No Courts. No Justice. No Freedom.” A short excerpt provides a nice summary of the article:

“We know that if we accept the discussion set forth herein, both Courts and Justice must co-exist before Freedom may emerge, as both are indispensable to Freedom. Conversely, if neither Courts nor Justice exists, Freedom is lost or denied. So it would seem my initial analogy is accurate, and mathematically: Courts + Justice = Freedom.” (Nelson, 2012).

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Nelson, L. (2012, Summer). Law day 2012 inspires consideration and understanding: “No shoes. No shirt. No service.” Behind the Bar, 45(1), 35-38.