Globe University Welcomes Kewaunee High School Future Business Leaders

Globe University-Green Bay welcomed the Kewaunee High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club to campus last week for a morning of real-life business activities and a tour of the university.

Globe University-Green Bay, Globe University, Kewaunee High SchoolGlobe University enjoys hosting high school field trips to the campus because it gives area high school students an opportunity to learn what college is all about, as well as learn about potential careers and programs they can  pursue.

The Kewaunee FBLA Club started the day by going on a customized tour of the campus; they were able to see all of the classrooms with Smartboards, medical and veterinary technology labs, as well as the four computer labs on campus. After the campus tour, Nicole Virant, Globe University business program chair and community manager, led the breakout session on marketing and advertising in the real world.

Students were split into groups of three or four as they learned about target markets and positioning strategy. After Nicole had engaged the students to create their own products, the students set off to work to create a new product and market it to their peers.

“I was impressed to see what creative products and marketing campaigns the student groups came up with,” Nicole said. “I was intrigued by the product demonstrations and commercials.”

Globe University, Globe University-Green Bay, business programThe high school students were extremely creative in their marketing. One group decided to market paper towels as disposable bed sheets (“Dispos-a-sheets) for the elderly or children whom may wet the bed.  Another group created a walkie-talkie cell phone system for children with a LeapFrog toy. The students were very engaged in the activity and were able to relate their work to the business field.

One student stated, “This was a fun way to learn about marketing and business, and it made sense too.”

Students competed against each other to win the grand prize: Globe University t-shirts. Their FBLA advisor and chaperones were responsible for picking the winning group.

As the day wrapped up, students learned about Globe University scholarships that are exclusive to high school students. The Kewaunee High School FBLA club was the first field trip on campus for the 2012-2013 academic school year.

Globe University-Green Bay is excited to host many more field trips as the year goes on.  Globe University provides a free pizza lunch and free bussing for any field trip groups of 20 or more. We can also tailor sessions to certain topics of interest for classes, advisors or students. If you or your school is interested in booking a field trip, call 920-264-1600 today.

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