Got Milk? June is Dairy Month

In honor of June being Dairy Month, I discovered quickly that asking people about their preferences on milk happens to be a private question! It is surprising to find the old adage of “drink your milk” or “milk makes your bones strong” is dissipating like a bowl of milk around a kitten. I surveyed students and staff to find out where milk stands this month. Did they love it? Did they hate it? A surprising result, many people are opting for alternatives to the traditional two percent, which used to be the norm at the family dinner.

dairy month
Our Dean of Education, Jonathan Virant dressed as a cow.

Chocolate Milk Ranks Popular

The findings of the informal survey rate chocolate milk as the preferred type of milk. Adam Hatlak, adult admissions representative, said, “I order chocolate milk every time I eat out for breakfast.”

Another major finding? Cookies and milk are still a delectable combination that people love! “I like milk, it’s the best to eat with cookies and brownies because it doesn’t taste the same without milk,” Erin Hein, vet tech student, said.

When we asked Erin how she would convince a non-milk lover to drink some milk shed added, “Rice milk does not go well with brownies nor does soy milk. Got to have the real thing from an animal, not from a plant.”

Dairy Month

Marsha, vet tech student, works her milk mustache.

Alternatives to Milk

It was surprising to find many people who prefer almond milk or other alternatives for a variety of reasons. Due to the rising rates of allergies, many opt for a safer lactose intolerant friendly beverage.

Our business program chair, Eric Van Den Busch, prefers almond milk because there are no hormones and better health benefits.

What is our campus librarian, Christina Johnson’s favorite milk?  “Horchata! It’s basically just sweetened rice milk flavored with cinnamon—so delicious! Best served cold over ice!”

Other Fun Thoughts

Dairy month

Our cow cares about your success!

Shaun Raganyi, our administrative assistant, summarized it well: “Milk is a great alternative to sugary drinks that supplies key vitamins like calcium and Vitamin D, especially if you opt for lower calorie milk in coffee beverages.”

Mark Taggart, career services coordinator, said, “I love milk with cookies, Twinkies and peanut butter sandwiches.”

What’s your favorite milk or dairy product? We’d love to hear from you!