How a Love for Culture Led to a Library in Green Bay

Undoubtedly, Christina Johnson is the heart of our campus. As the librarian at Globe University-Green Bay, students rave about her helpful skills, patient demeanor and ability to always have a knack for finding solutions to many problems. Christina is more than just a friendly smiling face; she’s a book contributor, researcher, multilingual speaker, world traveler—and passionate about helping students and libraries! Read on to learn more about Christina:

Globe University, libraryWhat was your background before working at Globe University?

After growing up in Door County, I received a Bachelor of Arts at UW-Madison majoring in Cultural Anthropology and four certificates: American Indian Studies, Chicano and Latino Studies, Folklore, and Global Cultures.

I obtained my Masters of Arts from UW-Madison’s School of Library and Information Studies with an emphasis in Archives and Records Management and Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums.

Throughout my student years, in addition to other jobs, I worked in three of UW-Madison’s academic libraries: Social Sciences (circulation), Business (technical services), and American Indian Studies (solo librarian doing all aspects).

Where did your love of culture develop?

I lived and went to school in Sweden as a Rotary Youth Exchange student for a year when I was 16. I lived with host families, learned Swedish and experienced Swedish culture. I also traveled across Europe, and for several years with Rotary, learned from exchange students from across the world.

Being open to try new things and learn about whatever comes your way is incredible. I carried that mentality throughout my years in Madison and got involved right from the start through several cultural based student groups. I also engaged in a wide array of programs, courses and opportunities, including doing research work in the Orkney Islands for a summer.

Language is a huge part of me too, with Spanish, Swedish and Ojibwe as primary language focuses.

Globe University, libraryWhat do you enjoy best about your role?

I love being an academic librarian working directly with students and faculty, and the ability to do all aspects of librarianship.

How do you always seem to solve every problem that comes your way?

Using creativity for problem solving and troubleshooting, confidence, patience, pulling on past similar experiences, and listening and looking at it from the patron’s perspective to fully understand and figure it out.

You provide exceptional service to students. How do you do this?

I love assisting patrons and have always been a connector. I also want them leaving better than when they came in. Patience, listening and putting the patron first is key.

Highlighted published work

While in graduate school, Christina and fellow students developed (among other things) a permanent graduate course with service learning and were featured in the book Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Preserving Our Language, Memory, and Lifeways. The chapter they wrote is titled, “TLAM: Creating Student-Driven Indigenous LIS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”

Advice for students

Get involved. Try to do something new each year. Acquire different volunteering and work experiences. Create your own path; just because it doesn’t already exist, it doesn’t mean you can’t.