How Did We Make the Holidays Brighter for 287 Service Members?

Globe University-Green Bay students and staff were faced with a holiday mission to support our military personnel in the armed forces by creating and writing holiday cards. Through the Holiday Mail for Heroes program with the American Red Cross, we set a goal to create one card from each student and staff member at our campus, which would be a total of 277 cards. Well, our campus rose to the occasion and exceeded the goal while simultaneously spreading holiday cheer and reflecting about the sacrifices our soldiers make for our country and us.

Globe University-Green Bay

Globe University prides itself on being a top-rated military friendly school and through this effort, we saw students and student veterans come together to support a wonderful cause. Campus Librarian Christina Johnson was the point person and helped bring card making into the classrooms.

Students and Staff Share the Joy

Ashley Klitzka, a medical assistant student, created over thirty cards.

“I have done it in past years because of all my family and friends that have served or are currently serving,” Klitzka said. “Some family have told me that there are soldiers that don’t have any family, so I figured this would be a good way to get to them.”

While working in the classroom with students, Johnson found one student who shared a story about serving overseas. The student explained what it was like to receive a handmade card over the holidays, and how special it was to now be able to give back in the very same way. Hearing stories about what an impact these cards truly make brought goosebumps to my arms.

“This is so important. It means so much when they get cards like this—even more sometimes than from their families—because it reaffirms that what they are doing is worthwhile and meaningful to people they have never even met,” John Garot, writing instructor, said.

globe university-green bay

Holiday Cheer Goes Both Ways

One of the neat things about this project, Johnson highlights, is that there were benefits to everyone who participated as well as those who receive the cards.  

“There is such positiveness and great awareness created through this project for both sides. Awareness on the sender’s side of those who are serving or injured, and thinking about them and appreciating their service, sacrifices and dedication,” Johnson said. “Additionally, the awareness of the soldiers that folks appreciate and are grateful for them and their service.”