How to be Successful at a Job Fair

It is hard to believe, but the holiday season is right around the corner! Our first clue is that Christmas displays are going up at our area retail stores. Yes, it is Christmas in September! For those of us looking for some extra holiday cash, or possibly a new job, Globe University, Green Bay Campus will be hosting a job fair on Wednesday, October 10, from 10am until 2pm. We will have some great Green Bay employers in attendance, ready to talk to YOU!

Job fairs are great places for you to network. They are a potentially golden opportunity for you to practice your “elevator pitch” as well as interviewing skills. More importantly, it is a rare chance for you to get that much sought after face time with your next future employer. But before you proceed, there are a few things that you MUST do so that you can put your best foot forward, and make that great first impression, that will lead to interviews, and hopefully, a job.

· Your first impression MUST be positive. This means that you’ve got to be dressed appropriately (as if you were going to a job interview). Don’t forget the firm, confident hand shake, as well as the eye contact. A positive attitude, and friendly demeanor will be well received, and a great foundation on which to start your conversation

· Are you prepared? Make sure you bring several copies of your resume, along with a notepad. Take notes of your conversations immediately afterwards, so that you can reference the information during follow up phone calls, for thank-you notes, or in an interview! Do some research on a few targeted employers so that you can better understand THEIR needs, and their mission.

· Know yourself, and your resume! Sounds simple, but many people have difficulty with that typical first question: “Tell me about yourself.” Understand your skills and accomplishments, and be able to relate your strengths and abilities to the needs of the employer. Be able to fluently talk through your resume, and especially focus on discussing problems that you solved, as well as accomplishments.

· Mind your manners! Your mom taught you to say “please, and thank-you” and now is definitely not the time to forget that! Follow up with those employers that gave you time, by sending a thoughtful thank-you email, or card as soon as possible. Leave a great lasting impression, and make yourself memorable.

We hope to see you at our job fair in October. I hope that these simple tips will make you more confident, and even excited to attend our fair. If you would like help with your resume, cover letter, networking ideas, or interview tips, stop in to see either Jackie or Mark at the Green Bay Campus. We are happy to help YOU!


Written by Mark Taggart, Career Services Coordinator at Globe University Green Bay, you can reach him by email at