Inspired to Contribute to the Quill

By Suzanne McDonald, Writing Instructor and General Education Coordinator at Globe University Green Bay

Green Bay, Globe University students, faculty and staff gathered together at the campus’s library Wednesday afternoon to celebrate this year’s contributions to Globe’s Create Quill.  Three of the contributors, Marsha Lungstrom, Kyle Fontain, and Tammi Waddeen shared their original poetic works.

Also there, was Shawn Frederick, IMGD Program Chair who designed the art and cover of the 2012 Creative Quill publication with IMGD students Jaunita Qually, Alex Short and Justin Hardtke.


The event was both moving and inspiring as the students who worked hard to submit their work received their Quill copies and discussed their processes over cake.




Art Contributors:

  • Shawn Fredrick
  • Jauanita Qually
  • Justin Hardtke
  • Alex Short

Writing Contributors:

  • Marsha Lungstrom
  • Kyle Fontaine
  • Jennifer Luce
  • Tammi Wadeen
  • Elizabeth Gibson

Thank you to all who attended, and wishing for as much success for next year’s Creative Quill.