Justice and Liberty Remain Present in Our Everyday Lives

In celebration of Law Day, I challenged my paralegal degree students to think and write about the meaning of Law Day.  Of course, according to the Library of Congress, “Law Day is a national day to celebrate the rule of law and its contributions to the freedoms Americans enjoy.”

law day, MadisonExercise 

I asked students to research and write a thesis on liberty and justice in America.  I divided the thesis into two parts.

Section I: What are the historical underpinnings of liberty and justice in American society?

Section II: Has American society remained faithful to the principles of liberty and justice, or has American society diluted those principles in favor of “reconstructing America”?

paralegal degree

Brittany Rohde, center, wrote a winning thesis on the meaning of Law Day.

The Prize

The Paralegal Club sponsored the $100 gift card from New York & Co. to provide the winner with the opportunity to refresh her professional wardrobe.

The Winner

Brittney Rohde submitted the winning thesis.  Below are excerpts from her winning thesis:


For many years in our American society, we have followed laws and rules that were not completely fair to everyone in society. Kings and queens ruled and would make rules for their people based on what they thought was the best decision, not always taking into consideration that their people were important to their society.

Values of Liberty & Justice

The American society remains faithful to the principles of liberty and justice. Our government has fought for our rights as citizens for the past couple hundred years. In today’s society we have more rights today than someone in 1787 could ever imagine. For the most part, we are free to do as we please, go where we want to go, be the individuals we have dreamed of, and accomplish goals that we never thought would be possible.

Constitution Brings Fairness

The United States Constitution was an excellent tool in the development of our nation’s history. Along with its Amendments come statutes, laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed in order to keep fairness and equality between our government and its people.  


by Laura Nelson, Paralegal Program Chair, Globe University-Green Bay