Leveraging LinkedIn: Making the Jump from Facebook

How many times have you logged on quickly to check something online and found yourself two hours later still glancing at friend’s wedding photos, irresistible pictures of little ones dressed up for an occasion, covered in cake or standing with their backpack for the first day of school?  Yes, you can get sucked into Facebook and don’t we all from time to time?  Along with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. making the jump from Facebook to LinkedIn

Social media has changed the world that we live and learn in. We can instantly access everything from recipes, photo ideas, advice and even job leads!  However, Facebook is to LinkedIn as a messenger bag is to a briefcase.  They simply are not the same thing!

Career capstone at Globe University & Minnesota School of Business address the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn during the final project where students create a LinkedIn identity and page.

Creating a public and living “elevator speech” can be daunting for many.  Finding the right profile photo, connecting with professionals, rather than friends, updating your status with articles rather than what you did ten minutes ago are important.  This is a whole new world, but one that will open many doors when done correctly and thoughtfully.

Here are the top seven tips when taking the jump from Facebook to LinkedIn!

  1. Connections do not need to be “friends”!  Think of a connection as a networking friend.  The person that you run into at work functions, the contact that you met at a networking breakfast, previous co-workers, classmates or even instructors.  If thought of as a chart, a connection is a dotted line from yourself to another individual.  You want as many dotted lines as possible to broaden your network deeper!
  2. Profile Photo should be YOU! No bar pictures, no pictures of your kids, YOU!  Preferably a professional headshot!
  3. Do onto others and they will return the favor! Endorse your connections, like their updates etc.  Each of these actions will bring your action/name to the top of their newsfeed, reminding them of you!  When in the market for a new job, or just in the world of networking, you want to be on people’s mind!  You want your name seen, associated with others as well as be seen and recognized for your talents and knowledge!
  4. Make sure to see who has viewed your profile! Those individuals might be people you know or those that you ‘should know’.  Identifying the connection to them may uncover additional contacts and opportunities.
  5. Your profile and your resume should match! Make sure to keep the information, job histories and experiences updated and current.  Potential and future employers will search your profiles; both on LinkedIn and Facebook!
  6. “Recommendation” = Reference in LinkedIn’s world! Asking for a recommendation is as powerful as a reference in the job search.  Often times, these individuals will be both for you!  Having a visible “recommendation” listed on your page adds professionalism, demonstrates experience and a positive reputation in the workplace.
  7. Monitor the newsfeed for “jobs you might be interested in”. This feature is based on information listed in your profile, previous positions and titles, as well as filtered through your recent job searches conducted! It may as well be renamed “your pesrsonal job searching tool” as it specializes in bringing the jobs to your attention, rather than having to search for hours online!  These jobs often times will also show how many people have applied for the position, and may possibly even list the hiring manager for the company (Hint: you want to become connected with this person).

While LinkedIn is your professional profile, Facebook is reserved for a more public profile.  It is important to remember that many times, the paths may cross between the two sites and connections may be friends and vice versa.  However, it is essential to keep in mind that they are meant for different audiences and purposes!  Follow my rule of thumb: If you don’t want your grandma to see it, then it doesn’t go on Facebook!  As long as you are mindful of the differences, are respectful of the audiences and aware of the uses for each, LinkedIn can be an extremely beneficial tool in your job hunting and career kit!


Struggling with LinkedIn?  Looking to set up your account and public profile?  Need help with your job search?  Stop in at Globe University-Green Bay and chat with Jen in Career Services!  Or find her on LinkedIn!


About the Author: Jen Naze, is the career services coordinator at Globe University in Green Bay. She has worked in the field of communications, marketing, public relations and sales for over 13 years. Jen also has a B.A. in Communications from University of WI- Green Bay. As an active community volunteer, Jen is also a motivational speaker, a current spokesperson for Bellin Health, serves as Ms. Wheelchair WI 2015 and is a board member for Junior Achievement, Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and participates with the Women’s Fund of Brown County.