Mock Trial on Campus a great learning opportunity for Paralegal students!

On November 29, a mock jury trial was conducted by the Globe students in American
Legal Systems class, LA201.  The students
prepared by reading the facts of a criminal case which took place in the
fictitious jurisdiction of New Columbia.
Each of the students participated, each playing one of several roles,
including the attorneys for the prosecution, attorneys for the defense,
witnesses for each side and the defendant.  The facts of the case involved a defendant who
was charged with first degree murder and hazing when a student at a fictitious
college lost her life during pledge week for a popular fraternity on the

The Globe students have been learning about the American legal system and the
processes in both civil and criminal settings, and this experience was designed
to give the students a broad overview of the criminal trial process.  The students on both the prosecution and
defense legal teams called students who acted as witnesses for each side to
conduct both direct and cross examinations of the witnesses.
Faculty members of Globe served as jury members.
They returned a not guilty verdict on the first degree murder charge,
but convicted the defendant on the lesser included charge of involuntary
manslaughter, which could be viewed as a victory for the defense team.  The jury also found the defendant guilty of
violating the fictitious state’s anti-hazing statute, which was a victory for
the prosecution.

The students did an excellent job of preparing and conducting the trial and had
positive comments about the experience.
One of the students commented that they learned a lot and that it would
be fun to participate in another mock trial in the future.

Joan Shepard, Paralegal Faculty