Green Bay Campus Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary and all program Open House was a huge success with the help of advertisements from 95.9 KISS FM.

We had a great flow of traffic from community partners and members to students, staff and faculty! The 432nd Army Reserve Unit was there with their vehicles and fitness contests along with the Brown County Bomb Squad, K-9 and Village of Bellevue Fire Department. Massage students were there to give complimentary massages while the Criminal Justice students handed out Child Safety Identification kits. The Village of Bellevue Administrator gave a very welcoming and congratulatory speech and many walked away with raffle prizes, courtesy of our neighboring businesses.

Marlee, Ari and Ann

Throughout our event, donation jars were set out at numerous stations to collece money for Children’s Hospital in honor of one of our students, Marlee, who spends much of her time there with her daughter, who has a rare disease.  Marlee is a true example of strength as she balances the many areas of her life, including school, as a single mother.