“Outstanding Contributions” award given to GB Paralegal student

On February 4, 2012, the Wisconsin Association for Legal
Professionals (“WALP”) held its Spring Membership Meeting in Manitowoc.  At
that meeting, WALP honored GU-Green Bay Paralegal student Sara Monnette for her
outstanding contributions to WALP.  Laura Braun, WALP Marketing Director,
and Julianna Durie, WALP President, both nominated Sara for the
association’s SOAR award.  Laura Braun, who presented Sara with the award
on Saturday, says of Sara, “While Sara Monnette is a new member of WALP, she
has shown great potential in this association. She has done an outstanding job
in compiling and editing the Behind the Bar and updating the WALP
website.  She brings a positive attitude to the Marketing committee and
shows a willingness to learn. Her contributions to WALP have been invaluable .

Laura also states in her email that “the BAALP chapter [that’s
the local chapter of WALP] was also presented with an award, and part of that
award is due to Sara’s contributions as well as yours and Globe’s (University Green Bay).  Thisis what was stated upon that certificate:

“I nominate the Bay Area Association for Legal Professionals for
a WALP SOAR Award.  This Chapter has worked with the WALP Marketing and
Education Directors over the past two years in developing ways for all members
to share education and networking with other members using current technology
methods, such as Skype and webcasts, allowing the members to save travel time
and expense.  This Chapter has opened its local meetings and educational
programs to all WALP members as well as local students through online
attendance at no cost to the attendees.”

Laura went on to say that she doesn’t “know who nominated BAALP
for the award but apparently our efforts to provide and share valuable
education via the new WALP technologies was appreciated and thus recognized.”

. . .”  Congratulations, Sara!