Race to the Finish Line…on Crutches?

Students in Veronica Kruse’s Patient Care Sciences II course recently had a durable medical equipment relay race. The race emphasized using durable medical equipment in the proper manner and doing it quickly!


Students had to start off the race first by placing the gait belt on themselves and then using a wheelchair to weave in and out of cones. The next phase of the relay race was the walker, followed by the cane. The final part of the relay were the crutches. The students had to use the 3-point gait to the finish line.  They had to use proper technique throughout the relay and with any error and they had to start that particular station over.  The grand prize for completing the relay correctly in the least amount of time was a free late assignment coupon. The relay race taught skills on how to properly use the durable medical equipment while having a lot of fun!


Congratulations to Maggie Vandenbush coming in first place with a time of 45 seconds, second place went to Amanda Suzawith at 46 seconds and third place went to Cassondra DuBois at 59 seconds.