Medical Assistant Research Project stresses the importance of immunizations

Students in MA212 split into groups, and each group chose a topic relevant to the class.   Bulletin boards with pertinent information about the chosen topic were posted for approximately 3 weeks.  The location of the board was in a well traversed hallway on the second floor of the Globe campus.

The first group of students chose Fun Facts about Urinalysis for their topic.  The goal of the project was to make students more aware of the normal components of urine and to educate them on some of the common abnormal findings and the diseases they cause.  They showed pictures and diagrams of important facts that can be obtained from routine urinalysis and some diseases associated with abnormal urinalysis results.

The second group of students chose Immunizations for their topic.  They highlighted Pertussis, MMR, Chicken Pox and Meningitis vaccines.  By the use of visual aids and charts, they emphasized the importance of receiving these immunizations, some of the side effects and the complications that can be encountered if a person is not immunized.

They also showed pictures of some of the diseases that can be prevented by immunizations.  They provided statistics specific for Brown County for whopping cough.

The third group of students chose Hand Hygiene for their topic.  They performed cultures to see how much bacteria a hand contains when it is unwashed.  They then repeated the cultures on washed hands and hands cleaned with hand sanitizer.  They took pictures of the cultures and included them on the bulletin board.  They also showed statistics and diseases that can be spread by unclean hands.

Suzanne Richard, the instructor for this course, stated that all three groups of students presented their findings to a Global Citizenship class.  There were many questions from the class and the MA students did a good job answering these questions.  “I feel that by this class presentation, the students were able to widen the focus of their projects and provided education to other students on campus”, stated Suzanne.

As a result of this project, the students learned many facts about their topic which they can use in their personal life as well as in their career as a Medical Assistant.  They were also able to share this information with other students and employees on the Globe campus.  Some of the students expressed an interest in taking this information to other areas in the community such as schools and day care centers.

The students felt there was a need to better inform other students and members of the community about these healthcare issues.  The course objectives met were #5 (Recognize common pathogenic organisms and perform collection and isolation), # 7 (perform physical and chemical urinalysis).