Rock Star of the Month: Adam Hatlak

January 2013 Rock Star
Adam Hatlak, College Representative

Globe UniversityIn the six months that Adam Hatlak has been with the Globe University-Green Bay campus as a college representative, he has made a lasting impression with his team-player attitude and hard work ethic.

Adam’s job goes beyond giving presentations in the classroom and meeting with high school students as they search for their college of choice.  He is the first person to volunteer for anything and everything on campus.  His creativity and ability to think outside the box are just two reasons he is appreciated at Globe University-Green Bay.

In the first half of the school year, he was able to get into and present at high schools that Globe University-Green Bay hasn’t been to in the past.  His high school network is growing by leaps and bounds!

Adam has also built a strong relationship with the iForward online high school administration, and has reached out to other high school groups and organizations in the area to build the high school program.  He has even shared his love for giving “real-world presentations” by doing a team-building presentation in one of the business classes at Globe for current students.

Adam has been featured in two blog articles already, and is always the first person to email out a blog idea to spread Globe’s good word in the virtual world.

Here are just a few statements from his co-workers that showcase his Rockstar status:

“Adam is the bomb! He is always happy and willing to help out, a team player for sure!”

“Adam has been working really hard to get out into the high schools to recruit H.S.A. students.  He has also volunteered to visit Globe classrooms to provide his insight to current students.”

“Adam is constantly volunteering at events around Globe and in the community.  His creativity is what aids his success!”

Congratulations, Adam, for being named Globe University-Green Bay’s January 2013 Rock Star!