Transformation in Progress: iPad® Debuts on Campus

Over the last two weeks, Globe University-Green Bay faculty members have unwrapped their iPad® tablets and begun learning how to use them in their classes. Education User Experience, which incorporates embracing technology in the classroom, cost savings by using e-books, and developments to enrich our students’ learning experience. Within the next six weeks, all students at Globe University-Green Bay will be learning on and utilizing their iPad as well.

How do instructors feel about the iPad?

Jackie Doperalski, director of career services, said, “I am excited about being able to enhance my students’ classroom experience and learning by utilizing all the different apps available to us.”

“It’s going to be something really good for the students,” said Suzette Plemel, massage therapy program executive chair.

Dani Mortenson, massage instructor, added, “I love it and am excited to get comfortable with the movie app for flipping the classroom!”

The flipped classroom is another new teaching approach Globe is using. Students watch videos and listen to lectures on their own time. Then, the instructor and students complete activities and assignments in the classroom to reinforce the learning process.

How will they integrate the iPad into the classroom?

“From day one, I will be utilizing various apps for connecting with students, reinforcing reading material and enhancing hands-on activities in the classroom.”  –Jackie Doperalski, director of career services

“We will be watching videos, learning how to use the iPad as a POS tool, a cloud repository for SOAP NOTES, and as a client education tool.” –Dani Mortenson, massage instructor

“We are going to use them to view our techniques as well as research about massage.” –Suzette Plemel, massage therapy executive program chair

“Though I had experience with utilizing an iPad prior to receiving mine, I used it in a very limited capacity. I feel I have all the information from the whole universe at my fingertips now. Watch out!” – Jackie Doperalski, director of career services

“I really appreciate how it’s been rolled out, and how it is being made available to us.” – Dani Mortenson, massage instructor

“They take a little getting used to but after a few uses they get easier.  They are very convenient to have.  I find myself reaching for it to look up apps for class frequently now that I have it available.” – Jennie Wertel, veterinary technology program chair

Instructors will complete a 40-hour training program to maximize the use of the iPad in the classroom. Students will be receiving training opportunities throughout the quarter. Three pilot campuses within the Globe University system of colleges began using the iPad in classroom in July. Students and faculty at all campuses will be using the iPad as of October 2013.