What Are You Proud Of?

Have you thought about what you are the most proud of lately? Sometimes it is too easy to focus on what is going wrong in life or how we failed at something, rather than looking at the positives. Many of us are self-critical and need a reminder to give ourselves a pat on the back. To take some time to give ourselves a little credit, we at Globe University-Green Bay shared the accomplishments that make our students and staff feel the most proud of themselves.

We are featuring five students and staff who opened up to share a piece of what makes them who they are and understand what makes them feel great!

Suzette Plemel, executive massage therapy program chair
massage therapy degree

Her ex-husband told her she would never make anything of herself, but she proved him and the rest of the world wrong.

What is Plemel the most proud of?

“I’m the most proud of what I accomplished, when I was told I would never make anything of myself. I went to school, teaching, executive, and own my own business. One of the coolest things my daughter has ever said to me was,  ‘In the whole world, who ever thought my mom would be working on the Green Bay Packers.’”

Nicole Ellis, vet tech student

vet tech degreeWhat is Ellis most proud of?

“Graduating from high school, thanks to my friends and family and the support of friends who helped me along the way. I was considered an outcast, I was picked on and teased and thanks to my friends that helped me.”

Dave Peterson, criminal justice program chair
criminal justice program

Peterson has always set goals and once he achieved one, he made another. The first started when he was four and wanted to become a cop.

What is he the most proud of?

“My overall career and where I’m at today with my family background. Most of them are lucky to have high school diplomas, some are in prison. [I was] proud of how I was able to pull myself out of that. I owe it to two things: going into the air force after high school and marrying my high school girlfriend. She kind of pulled me out of the gutter.”

Marsha Lungstrom, vet tech student

vet tech degree

“I made honors last quarter! I had a math class and my small animals class, and I got B’s in both classes. I was surprised and very, very proud of myself.”

Mark Taggart, career services coordinator

What is Taggart the most proud of?

“My son. He’s turning out very well, has good grades, he’s responsible, he’s a nice kid.”

 Have you thought about what you are the most proud about? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!