What Do Kim Kardashian and Our Students Have in Common?

They both use their “assets” to make money!

Our community service scholarship recipients both scored $2,000 while helping our community thrive and become a better place. Let’s see Kim Kardashian compete with that! 

Globe University-Green Bay recognizes the importance of community service through our “We Care” mission and the incorporation of applied learning projects in and out of the classroom, as well as other initiatives.

A little-known secret is that every quarter, Globe awards two students $2,000 through our community service scholarship. That’s $16,000 annually.

Our summer 2014 recipients were (drumroll, please)… Laura Ankerson and Michelle Jadin!

They talk about their efforts below.

Laura Ankerson, Business Student

Volunteering with Brown County  

I assisted the Volunteer Center of Brown County with their social media marketing. Although this started as an internship for college credit, my required internship hours have been completed and I continue to help out on a weekly basis, providing 12-18 hours of service.

I have created a majority of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content, and have also been learning how to manage their website.

I believe that my work at the Volunteer Center of Brown County is not only beneficial to them and the community, but it has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I look forward to giving them more of my time in the future.

Michelle Jadin, Medical Assisting Student

Volunteering with Children and More

I never really thought that helping in my daughter’s classroom was considered volunteering. I just did it because I love working with children.

For the entire school year, I came to the facility twice a month to do one-on-one activities with children, and had the opportunity to help chaperone.

Some of my recent volunteer experiences have included assisting with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and working as a scribe in the medical tent for the Packer 5K run.

I truly am enjoying being able to get back into volunteering. It is a great experience to give back and help people. This is the main reason why I decided to go back to school to change careers and to help people.