What Not to Wear Globe Green Bay Style

The annual What Not to Wear event took place on campus last week and was organized by our Career Services Coordinator, Mark Taggart. This event demonstrates the importance of representing one’s image professionally in the workplace. Faculty and staff represented some of the no-no’s in the workplace and the students get to guess which person is demonstrating each topic.

Although I was portraying “Negative Nelly” I was mistaken for the rude person on the phone as I walked into school finishing a call on my cell phone. While the students learned a few tips from this event, some employees got a taste of being more aware of their own professionalism as well. In the future, I will remember to end my calls prior to walking through the commons!

Mark Taggart has provided a nice summary of the event:

In case you are curious, following is a list of your featured “What Not To Wear” cast, and the fashion/blunder that they participated in:

Adam Hatlak, was the guy in the tennis shoes! Not a good idea to wear your favorite pair of tennies to work!
Milissa Kloida, was sporting the tank top. Just a bad idea!

Laura Nelson, had numerous, visible piercings. Looks like it hurt, Laura!

Christina Johnson, played the role of the cap/do-rag lady.

Dawn McDonald, was flip-flopping in her flip flops… who can stand that flippity floppity sound anyhow?
Carey Mraz, was wearing waaaay too much makeup.

Beth Francour, aka Princess Leah, was having back to back bad hair days!

Beth Francour, Director of Admissions: Having a Bad Hair Day!

Jackie Doperalski, was NOT liking her wrinkly wardrobe.

Jenny Falck, had the super cool, huge tattoo (which was home made, and actually looked pretty cool!).
Jolyn Helgeson, had her holey jeans on.
Mark Taggart, suffered through 2 days in his most comfiest of shorts (but a no-no for the work place!).
Jonathan Virant, poor guys tie was waaay too short. Keep practicing Jon!
Zachary Neal, the office gossip, and surprise! He was actually pretty good at it!
Nicole Virant, was great as Negative Nelly… she actually had a few folks concerned about her!

Don Zeikel, last but certainly not least, Don was the RUDE phone guy. So please forgive Don, now that you know that he was only acting!
Thank you to all of the students who participated. Three winners were selected; Congratulations Kerry Kruege, Alisha Doubek and Sasha Wilson!