Who Has the Most Versatile Position in Allied Health Care?

Veronica Kruse, Medical Assistant Program Chair at Globe University-Green Bay has organized the Specialty Spotlight Guest Speaker Series, where local experts can share their knowledge and experience with medical assistant students who are training for their careers.

medical assistant programTara Neville is a Certified Medical Assistant and the supervisor of General, Breast, Trauma and Vascular Surgery at Prevea Health. Neville talked to students about the importance of what a medical assistant does behind the scenes.

Neville stated, “I think it is important students know what medical assistants do above and beyond obtaining vitals and rooming patients.”

She also went on to say, “Today, medical assistants are the most versatile allied health care professional!”

Neville talked about job security and the need for more medical assistants. She challenged the students to think what their definition of a good medical assistant really is.

She stressed the importance of building relationships with both your provider and your patients. Neville highlighted for the students that they should be proud of being a medical assistant.

Kruse, Medical Assistant Program Chair added, “You are not ‘just’ the medical assistant, you ARE THE MEDICAL ASSISTANT!”

Neville’s last piece of advice included always getting certified, because hiring managers are looking for this.

Medical assistant students took away useful information and advice for their education and training to help become better prepared for the field.