Who is This Polished Paralegal Student?

“I made the right choice coming to Globe University,” Tena Bunker, paralegal student, says as she opens our conversation about her experience at Globe University-Green Bay.

Tena Bunker, paralegal student

Tena was just like any other college student. In fact, she completed a college degree once before and earned her associate in criminal justice at another career college. However, her experience at Globe University has been unlike any others. She has been impressed with the level of hands-on experience and practical classroom learning. Her favorite experience so far has been visiting the court and the law library.

Someone who she admires would be our Paralegal Program Chair Laura Nelson. “I really look up to Laura and can tell her anything. I go to her asking for both personal and professional advice because she is someone I trust, “Bunker said.

Tena was used to being around people who don’t typically dress up. In fact, she used to be a t-shirt and sweats kind of girl. After starting the paralegal program, she learned and appreciated having a more professional appearance.

Working with her program chair, she ventured off to JCPenney’s, thinking she could never wear professional clothes, but actually found a lot of clothes that were her style. “I kept asking myself ‘would Laura wear this’,” Tena Bunker said.


It has changed her life by boosting her confidence and self-esteem “First impressions are everything; it’s obvious to dress professionally. You want to make the best impact on someone so they remember you,” Bunker said.

Jackie Doperalski, Tena Bunker and Laura Nelson

Tena also expressed how grateful she is to work with Jackie Doperaliski, director of career services. At first, she thought she had a really good resume. Jackie helped completely redo her resume, with action words that her employers would be looking for. As a stay at home mom, she didn’t think she had any experience she could talk about on her resume. Jackie helped focus on the things she does have experience in like her coursework, managing the household and more. She is extremely proud of the resume she has and feels it is now excellent.