Why Are These 3 People Better Than Sliced Bread?

Jaime Dion, student of the quarter

Student of the Quarter: Jaime Dion, criminal justice student

Jaime Dion is an outstanding criminal justice student who has consistently maintained a 4.0 GPA. Jaime has near perfect attendance and maintains a high level of participation in class while encouraging other students to participate. Jaime is a student ambassador and coordinates many of the criminal justice activities on campus. Besides having excellent grades and being a student ambassador, Jamie is always respectful and courteous and is able to take criticism well and with grace. She is an excellent representation of her program and school. She also helps provide tutoring. Jamie is a dedicated student who is always willing to help anyone when needed.

Faculty of the Quarter: Stacy Swenty, vet tech instructor

Stacy is a very knowledgeable vet tech instructor but doesn’t preach the information to her students. She uses many different learning styles in her classes which helps her students retain information in many fun ways. Her students appreciate when she encourages them to find answers first and her way of enforcing the rules. She’s teaching them how to become disciplined CVTs. Stacy is very personable and willing to help a student learn any way she can! Stacy continues to be a strong example of a dedicated instructor and fills in when and where needed. Stacy is fair and strong in the classroom. She is open to trying new things and new ideas and is always willing to help where necessary. She is a true asset to this campus and can always be counted on as a valuable member of the vet tech team.

Staff of the Quarter: Alissa Warpinski, financial aid administrator     

Alissa Warpinski, staff of the quarter

Alissa is a great person to work with. Her schedule is always jam-packed, yet she is willing to help students who come to the desk with questions. She works really well with the students. Alissa is very involved in the campus. She’s a great addition to the Globe University-Green Bay campus. She is helpful to the students, quick to respond to them and staff when needed, and she is always happy.