Wicked Fun & Creative Rock Star: Suzanne McDonald

Our April 2013 Rock Star is Suzanne McDonald, Composition Instructor

rock star of the month

Suzanne McDonald - a drawing by her son

Suzanne has been a fundamental part of the Globe University-Green Bay and -Appleton campuses since the beginning.  Her passion and commitment to student success are evident in her participation in campus events and activities.  Suzanne acts as the Green Bay campus Creative Quill lead, is an active member of our Campus Effectiveness Planning Committee, regularly helps service students in our library, actively helps to ensure consistency in campus paper citing expectations, and is always available to proofread and improve students’ writing assignments. Her high energy and need to mix fun and learning help make her a perfect Rock star!

Here are four reasons from our students why Suzanne deserves Rock Star Status:

  • I have had several classes with Suzanne as my teacher. She believed in me and she made me believe in myself. I have never had a teacher be able to pull out of me what she has. She has helped me take a paper that I thought was really good and helped me make it better, all without EVER putting me down or making me feel discouraged. Her enthusiasm in class is refreshing, and I love her animation. She deserves to be the next rock star; I am actually surprised she has been over-looked the past three years. 
  • As a rule I am not a huge fan of writing classes, but Suzanne continues to keep me interested and enjoying the class. 
  • Suzanne is very real and down to earth and I think that is what makes this class very interesting and fun to go to. 
  • Suzanne is great at helping someone bring out their creative mind and apply that to their work. 

Congratulations Suzanne for being named Globe University-Green Bay’s April 2013 Rock Star!

Please leave comments below on your experience with Suzanne.