“Wrap for a Cause” benefits Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay

Members of our Leadership Team take time out of their week to wrap gifts in exchange for non-perishable food items.  These donations will benefit Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay. 

I asked each team leader how this idea came to fruition and our Campus Director, Jeryl Fleck, quickly responded “Green Bay is suffering and we wanted to make a difference”.  Jackie Doperalski, our Director of Career Services, explained that they discussed the growing problem of poverty in Brown County during a leadership meeting.  Julie Busse, our Dean of Faculty, and Jackie began talking about different news programs they’ve seen about this national problem of families struggling in this economy.  “In Green Bay alone, there are three times as many people as last year counting on the local food pantries to feed them” commented Jackie.  Jonathan Virant, our Dean of Students and Lynn Ash, our Director of Financial Aid, were happy to donate their time knowing they’re collecting food for people in Brown County.  Julie stated “There are 1000 students in the Green Bay School District who come from families living below the poverty level”. 

Thank you to our team for showing true leadership through “Wrap for a Cause”.  Together, we ARE making a difference.  As a campus, we proove that WE CARE!