AUPHA National Meeting Held in Minneapolis, MN

The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) held their annual meeting in Minneapolis, May 31 – June3, 2012, an important gathering for health care management educators.
Universities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Slovakia, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, and China were represented. Over 260 participants with Doctoral level degrees converged on Minneapolis to discuss “Embracing Transformation” in healthcare management education.
Over the next few weeks, we will post summaries of various workshops related to (1) managing plagiarism in distant education, (2) teaching epidemiology in the age of healthcare reform, (3) globalizing healthcare management curricula, (4) transforming ethics  from the classroom to the boardroom, and (5) evidence-based critical analysis (EBCA).
In addition, we will provide some observations of the current influences in health administration education and concerns of preparing people to be health administration leaders in the future,  based on conversations and activities during break times between sessions.