British Want Change To Their Health Care System, But Not The American Model

Michael J. Zdychnec, Health Care Management Chair at the Brooklyn Center and Elk River Campuses, is also Founding Director of Collaborative Health Care, Inc (CHCI).

Each month CHCI sends out a newsletter to help education the public on current health issues. The attached newsletter has a thoughtful article on the current Supreme Court issue related to the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, the Newsletter provides an interesting perspective about the National Health Service in Great Britain. Great Britain is also experiencing the emotional challenges of health care reform but heading in the opposite direction. While America is attempting to get a handle on health care costs by instituting more formalized “rules,” the British are attempting to change the NHS by introducing the concepts of competition. Both methods have merit- it’s finding the right combination that is the challenge.

Please review the material and provide a ‘vision’ of what you believe should be the direction of the United States in relation to health care reform.