From MMGMA-Quality Reporting


MDH has recently updated its plans for implementing Quality Reporting requirements especially for reporting on the “patient experience” component using a standard tool for adults during the September 1 – November 30, 2012 dates of service.

Additional details include:

  • Definition of “physician clinic” has changed. Multiple locations will be permitted to report as one clinic if the clinic locations meet all of the following criteria: 1) locations are commonly owned; 2) have a majority of common clinical staff working across the multiple locations; 3) the total clinical staff across all locations is no greater than 20 clinical FTE staff.
  • Clinics must use a certified vendor for modes of administration approved by CAHPS consortium (cost is estimated to be approximately $2,000 per reporting location).
  • Clinics with fewer than 625 unique patients in September 1 – November 30, 2010 time period are exempt from this requirement.

MDH has received comments on the proposed “patient experience” rule. Some have expressed that while measuring patient experience is important this requirement can be burdensome. Some question the requirement to use a specific tool. Others voiced concerns about the cost of using a certified vendor.

The timeline has been moved to 2012 so that MDH can explore other strategies for reducing costs including the possibility of handing out the survey rather than sending by certified mail.
MDH anticipates adopting an updated rule in late November.

Other significant developments in Quality Reporting:

  • MDH has decided that pediatric physician clinics and hospitals no longer will be required to submit data on measures designed only for adults.
  • MDH is working on additional quality measures including maternity care, low back pain and total knee replacement. These measures will be available for public review in the spring of 2011.
  • MDH’s first public report will be published in later this month (November, 2010).
    • Physician clinics will receive a link via email to the report on Tuesday, November 16.
    • Webinars providing an overview of the report will be held Wednesday, November 17.
    • MDH will post its quality report on the MDH website on Thursday, November 18.