HCM Student Susan Belford Selected as Minnesota Career College Association Student of the Year

Susan Belford, Health Care Management Student, from the St. Cloud (Waite Park) campus of Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, was selected as the Minnesota Career College Association student of the year at the MCCA 50th Anniversary Celebration held November 14, 2008, at Eden Prairie, MN.
Pictured L-R is Mary Ruhland, Registrar at St. Cloud who nominated Susan Belford (center), and Jerry Lovrien, HCM Dean.
In her acceptance speech, Susan in part stated:
“Thank you. What an honor this is. I appreciate Minnesota School of Business very much and find the faculty to be wonderful. Mary has been an outstanding advisor. I can’t say enough about her. Jerry is an outstanding instructor and I look forward to another course with him.
I had a few struggles over the past couple of years. I lost both parents to cancer and if it weren’t for the support and encouragement I got through the school, I probably wouldn’t be standing here today. I’m over ½ way done with my program so know I will complete it. I look forward to the future. Again, thank you very much.”
The number of students listed as undergraduate for private career colleges in MN for 2007, available at the website for MN higher education, was 28,692. So Susan is certainly in an elite group being selected for the student honor so richly deserved. Congratulations for your accomplishments.