Health Care Management: A Career with a Future

When one nears graduation, one becomes a bit more reflective. Health care management student Charlie Wirtz is no exception.  She is a “blended” student—taking some residential classes at Globe University-Wausau and some online, and the combination has worked for her. Although Charlie is a few quarters away from graduating, as the days go by she is becoming more and more reflective on all that she has been through and prospective for what lies ahead.

health care management

Charlie Wirtz, health care management student

In looking back at her classes, Charlie recalls how her online instructor for  the Ambulatory Care class had her “construct” a health care facility as opposed to simply writing about one. In this exercise, Charlie discovered various departments and roles within the facility she might otherwise not have been aware of. And with this added skill, there are various opportunities in the health care field awaiting her.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to increase by 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, better than the average for all occupations. … Managers will be needed to organize and manage medical information and staffs in the healthcare industry.” (

Charlie has also been happy with her experience at Globe in that she could “email Julie [Krizan, health care management program chair] with a question or ask for help and she would reply right away.”

At Globe University, Charlie has readily available resources in both her online and residential instructors.

Presently, Charlie, her instructor, and another health care management student are working on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project. They will do comparisons and evaluations of an EMR system, looking at it from several perspectives: managerial, clinical, and information technology. Not only do they expect to become more familiar with the EMR, they hope to demonstrate the value of having multi-disciplinary teams in health care for particular projects and events. This project was not the assignment of the instructor, but rather, an idea Charlie and her fellow student thought of after beginning their Informatics class.

Stay tuned for the results of the EMR project, and we hope to hear more from Charlie in the future.

By Julie Krizan, MSN, MHA, Health Care Management Program Chair, Globe University-Wausau