Health Care Management Advisory Board Makes Recommendations for Mentorship and Externship Program Options

On January 24, 2008, the HCM Advisory Board met and made recommendations regarding a mentorship program and externship program options. The Board felt strongly that new students coming into the program should take an elective course that would expose them to 30 hourse of experience in the health care industry by shadowing, interviewing, and meeting with key leaders within an organization, to assist the student in determining which specific management areas provides interest and motivation on which to focus. Students would be expected to use their journal of daily activities and submit a 3-4 page paper that summarizes their experiences and concludes with a preliminary discovery or decision of areas in which a student wants to focus in Health Care Management.
The Advisory Board also recommended a 4 credit Capstone course that would enhance the students experience by completing either an externship, a project management experience, developing a business plan, or completing a major research paper. Each student would be supervised by a campus coordinator and if appropriate a site supervisor.
The recommendations will be formalized into a Master Syllabus proposal and submitted to the GU/MSB administration for review. If you have any comments regarding the proposals, please contact Jerry Lovrien at