Think about the following:
1) There will be no health care reform without reforming the insurance industry, since health care system is currently insurance driven.
2) Fee for service is what drives health care costs up. The more tests conducted the more charges submitted, the more revenue
3) There will be no health care reform or insurance system reform without a government option.
4) If there is not a government option and the 47 million without insurance are require to ‘purchase’ health insurance – and they will get a tax credit – how can we expect someone to pay for the monthly health insurance costs if one can barely pay monthly rent – and income now is minimal that tax credit will not help.
5) “socialized” medicine comment used is misleading since all hospitals, clinics, etc would need to be owned by the government to be ‘socialized’ – it will not happen.
6) We have had a ‘single payer “ system for over 47 years with an overhead of 3% (compared to 24% in the insurance industry). It has worked very well and is called Medicare. It is a government option and it does not restrict one from seeing “their” doc.
7) Think about it………