How to Break Into the Health Care Industry

If you are looking for a career that benefits others and provides you with job security, jobs in health care management are on the rise. The needs of our aging population, advances in technology and the Affordable Care Act are driving up demand for qualified candidates. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 23 percent job growth between 2012 and 2022. Health Care Management

Health care managers manage and organize the business side of the health care industry. Much of their time is involved in managing people and departments, integrating technology or managing the financial side of an organization. Health care managers make sure that patients get the care that they need. Health care providers, medical facilities, medical labs and insurance companies are looking for employees with a healthcare as well as business background.

Health care management is a diverse field with job opportunities in a variety of areas ranging from management to human resources in information technology. Some job titles may include:

  • In-Home Care Office Manager
  • Hospital Revenue Recycle Manager
  • Payor Services Manager
  • Hospital Patient Service Representative
  • Healthcare Entrepreneur
  • VA Hospital Program Support Assistant
  • Supervisor Insurance Claims and Adjustments
  • Healthcare Accounts Receivable/Billing Manager
  • Hospital Business Analyst

So what do you need to get a job in this growing field?

Health Care Management Education

Entry-level jobs in health care management generally require at least a bachelor’s degree. Higher level jobs may require a master’s degree and previous experience. Additional certifications or training may also be beneficial.

Health care managers need broad knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as general business principles. Degree programs should provide both business as well as medical and health care related courses. Some programs may focus on certain areas of the healthcare industry. Areas of concentration within the industry may include administration and human resources, accounting and finance, information technology, marketing and sales, and management and leadership.

Research health care management programs to find the best fit for your interests.

Healthcare Experience

Adding experience to education is powerful combination for advancing your career. Entry-level or part-time jobs in healthcare can provide experience. Volunteering is another good way to gain experience in the field.

Internships while you are in school can also provide the hands-on experience that employers are looking for. Check with the schools you are considering to see if they will help you get an internship.

Health Care Management Associations

Joining an industry association is a great way to network if you are looking for a job. They may also offer certifications or educational opportunities to add to your skill set. Some top health care management associations include:Globe Career Finder

Healthcare Job sites

Healthcare job sites include job postings from a variety of employers.

Health care management is a field that lets you give back to others through being a part of the healthcare team. Job opportunities are growing. Set yourself up for a career in health care management by getting a degree, experience in your field and joining professional associations.