Job Search Tips Provided at the University of St. Thomas MBA in Health Care Workshop

April 9, 2009


Over 80% of jobs are secured utilizing a ‘networking’ process

Set  up ‘networking groups’

Best ‘network’ is to know someone within the company – to promote your application

Be careful what you put on social networks such as ‘facebook’ – employers look at these networks

“Informational interviews” are good to expand your network – ask for a 15 minute interview

Be honest why you want the informational interview – must be passionate that you want to spend a lifetime in heath care.


Resumes are computer scanned – must have key words in resume that uses words in ‘qualifications’ section of job announcement

Customize cover letter to the organization on job with key words (research the diversity of the company)

NEVER state “I don’t have experience.”  Use life skills that allow you to transfer to the position – community service, educational goals, volunteer opportunities. HR spends 30 seconds looking at a ‘story’ you need to tell – you must stand out.  HR spends 15 seconds reviewing a resume.

Identify top 3 skills; identify ‘significant results;’ identify you are comfortable with change; you are comfortable with new technologies; and believe in data driven processes.  You a leader who can assemble quality teams and motivate teams

Track your progress – follow-up every week; track sending thank you notes (HR does remember thank you notes).

Some people create charts for their resume to identify skill level they possess for job qualifications (that will catch attention!).

Equally important, always have a current resume ready; have others review; and create and identify your significant results and your desire for continuous learning.

Persevere – never give up- work 10 minutes longer than your competitor – and you will be successful.  Going after a job is very hard work. Be positive, positive, positive.