No Health Insurance if Your Child Has Pre-Existing Condition?

We are getting closer to the time when the Supreme Court is expected to issue the decision on the 2010 health care law, commonly referred to as ‘obamacare.’ In the world of health care management, there is concern that if the entire law is struck down, people with pre-existing conditions will not be required to be covered by insurance companies. For example, if your child has diabetes, it is possible the child will no longer be covered under your health insurance, and visits to the emergency rooms would increase significantly and could potentially increase the need for ‘charity care.’

In a recent poll, fourty-one percent felt the entire law should be struck down. Stress would increase for the health care industry and unfortunately for families who are driven into bankruptcy due to unexpected,exceptionally high health care costs. The lastest research indicates fifty percent of bankrupty filings are directly related to health care costs.
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