Online Health Care Management Program Reveals Its New Program Chair

Globe University-Online is proud to reveal to you the new program chair for our health care management degree program, Dr. Frank Stubbs.

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Please help us welcome Dr. Frank Stubbs to the Online division as our new health care management program chair.

Dr. Stubbs comes to the Online division after having spent 22 years as an active duty member of the United States Navy. Dr. Stubbs retired from the United States Navy at the rank of Commander, Medical Service Corps.

Dr. Stubbs’ experience and education in the health administration and health care management fields is so expansive, we’ve broken down some of his credentials for you:

Previous Heath Care Management Experience:

– Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at Navy Medicine Support Command

– Medical Service Corps Health Care Administration Assistant Specialty Leader

– Medical Planner, Division Surgeon’s Office

 Deployed to Iraq in early 2007 for a one-year combat tour; worked as a medical planner for the Iraq Security Forces

 Adjunct Professor of Health Administration at the University of North Florida

Previous Education:

– Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership- Nova Southeastern University

– Doctor of Jurisprudence degree- University of Richmond

– Master in Public Administration degree from the Kennedy School of Government- Harvard University

– Master of Science degree in Health Services Administration- Central MichiganUniversity

 Master of Arts degree in Management- Webster University

– Bachelor of Science degree in Biology- The College of William and Mary

 Graduate- Marine Corps Command and Staff College

 Licensed to practice law in the state of Virginia

Clearly Dr. Stubbs doesn’t have time for much else, or does he? Dr.Stubbs says, “I consider myself a martial arts enthusiast and hold the black belt rank in Tae Kwon Do and Iaido (the art of Japanese swordsmanship).  I also aspire to earn the black belt rank in Aikido. My other interests include mentoring, physical fitness, writing, photography, philanthropy, volunteer service, languages and travel.”

If you’re a new or current student in our Health Care Management program, feel free to reach out to Dr. Stubbs and introduce yourself! Dr. Stubbs preferred method of contact is via email and he can be reached at . Please join us in welcoming Dr. Stubbs to the Online division!