Student Author Shares Personal Journey

Michael Stacey’s “8-11-2004: A Day that Changed Me Forever” describes the day Michael was diagnosed with AIDS. He breaks the day down in a timeline and readers follow his thoughts and emotions as the day progresses.

“It is a moment-by-moment account of the day,” Michael said. “The ups and downs of my emotions, the people I encountered whom to this day teach me things about being a better person, and the realization ten years later of just how empowering this has all been.”

Michael, a student in the health care management program, chose to write about this because he is extremely passionate about the cause.

“I believe that in being open about my experience and putting a face to AIDS that I help eliminate stigma,” Michael said.

The nine page excerpt in the Creative Quill Gala 2014 is a small portion of the 300-page book Michael wrote and is set to publish next year. 

“Writing is a release for me, not only creatively, but emotionally as well,” Michael said. “The healing that took place during the writing of this piece and the process of getting it published cannot be overestimated. The moments of clarity and ‘AHA moments’ that occur when I write are very inspirational.”

Michael’s Advice to Student Writers

“My best advice is to put pen to paper,” Michael said. “Literally avoid the computer. If you do this you will find the information flowing and the memories will come back. Writing in this form is a lost art form today in my opinion. Write about your passions in life, whatever they are. You will find yourself creating a story that is not only good, but most likely inspiring.”

The library is currently accepting submissions for the Creative Quill Gala 2015. Stop in the campus library to pick up an entry packet and learn more information about submitting a piece of writing. The deadline is Monday, December 8, 2014.