Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On The Affordable Care Act/Employer Provided Health Insurance May Be Discontinued

The future of health insurance provided by employers may be discontinued regardless of the result of the Supreme Court decision, which may be released early this summer.

Large influential corporations do not want the Affordable Care Act (ACA) struck down by the court. Large corporations, primarily those that are self-insured, are preparing to drop health care coverage for employees in 2014 and will provide $5000 to $7000 for each employee and tell the employees to use that money to buy health insurance on the open market (WOW!) and use HRA’s. Currently, an organization may pay $12,000 per year per employee for employee/family health insurance with each employee contributing an additional $4500 per year toward health insurance coverage. Ignorance is bliss and those who will be ‘blissful’ will be shocked when they are told to get their own insurance and find that 7K may not pay for full family coverage.

Faegre Baker Daniels to Follow Closely Supreme Court Arguments on Health Care Reform and lists the schedule for arguments on the Affordable Care Act.