1) Look at the broad job market outside of your area of comfort
2) Begin your search 1 ½ years prior to graduation
3) Create your personal network now
4) Conduct informational interviews
5) Inform appropriate individuals you are completing your bachelor degree program in HCM
6) Be mobile – willing to look outside your immediate area
7) Use job links

Students frequently ask, “What can I do to secure a position in health care management upon graduation?” The appropriate response is don’t wait until you complete the program! The following tips are provided for you to consider in searching for a HCM position:
1) Remember the job market is much broader than looking at your local hospital, clinic, or nursing home. The four employment sectors in health care management are: 1) health care providers, 2) health care suppliers, 3) insurance organizations, and 4) policy organizations
2) Begin looking for opportunities 1 ½ years prior to graduation. Access health care job links on the Internet or more specifically on the health care management blog. Scroll down on the blog and read how to ‘drill down’ for job options.
3) Develop your personal network by letting people know you will be graduating with a degree in health care management. Personal contact, face-to-face discussions, and interviews are very beneficial. Networking is the most successful method for securing jobs in health care.
4) Request ‘informational interviews’ with an HR representative of health care organizations to determine their vision of future health care manager needs. Seek informational interviews in more than one health care employment sector. You may be pleasantly surprised about job options. Once you have met the HR individual, maintain contact with friendly notes or calls to get current updates, and most importantly to keep your name in front of the individual.
5) If you currently work in a health care organization, let managers know you are in the HCM degree program and give an anticipated graduation date.
6) Be mobile. If you want your career to have a continuous upward trend, you need to be willing to move from one organization to another and from one location to another. If you decide to not be mobile and stay in a very restrictive location, the value of your personal network increases in importance and worth.
7) Use job links, get resumes posted (you can specify location), and receive regular email updates of openings (use terms such as supervisor, management, administration, project management, analyst). It is possible to secure a position in health care before you complete your work. Make sure your resume uses the terminology identified in the job posting – yes, it takes work to land a job – but it is worth your effort.The following links are provided for you to explore and utilize with your search.